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I am Lara Dallman-Weiss.
An Olympic Sailor


The United States is one of very few countries that does not offer government support to Olympic athletes, along with our busy training schedules we are tasked with raising all necessary funds to travel, compete, and sort logistics globally. 

To make tax-deductible donations scan the PayPal QR code below. The non-profit in which our 470 team uses, the ILYA (Inland Lakes Yachting Association), is the organization under which I learned to sail. Donations go directly toward the team. Non-tax deductible donations can be made to the teams Venmo account below. 

Thank you! 



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Hi! I’m Lara. I learned to sail on White Bear Lake in Minnesota, where F. Scott Fitzgerald himself spent the summer! Most people who know me will agree, sailing is my life, but it was actually through other sports where I developed my strongest athletic traits. I was an avid basketball player, a runner, and a dancer.


I nearly accepted a collegiate running scholarship before changing my mind and making the decision that scared me the most: to move far from home and sail at Eckerd College, the place that changed my life completely and sent me down the Olympic sailing path. Oh and everything I do today is because of the great foundation my parents created for me growing up, probably the most important statement in this biography. Anyway, thanks for reading! 

ILYA 420 Youth Champion 
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